A web site like this is not easily produced without outside help.

To have friends who can answer those awkward questions.

My thanks go to my personal helpers and advisors who have been:

Andrew Dawkins and Robbie Corbett,

both of whom are web-designers and were work colleagues.

my daughter Jo Richardson,

who persuaded me it was about time to make our website look more professional!

The other web designers who gave me inspiration to copy or just gain from their experience, like I did from:

GraysofWestminster.co.uk, VoomVoom.com and other websites I admire.

Two invaluable tools, giving me the ability to look and see how other web-designers organise their code have been:

"Firebug" and / or Web Developers toolbar plug-ins with Mozilla Firefox.

A valuable source of code, HTML, CSS, and Javascript with an enormous choice of menus, web-slideshows and lots more, that may be copied, pasted and customised to suit your own needs, may be found at:


My starting point for building, combining and validating the various elements of XHTML, CSS, JS websites was:

"HTML, XHTML and CSS, all in one desk reference for Dummies, by Andy Harris."

and Carol must not be forgotten for her support by allowing me the time and opportunity to take photographs and build our websites!